Vaporware: D Free to predict your next doodie?

Want to avoid a #2 at a less than ideal location?

D Free, a wearable from Triple W, a Japanese startup based in California, promises to give wearers with unpredictable bowels a heads up to hunt down a bathroom with time to spare.

Just connect D Free to an app and attach it to your stomach (unclear how) so its sensors can detect any movement or swelling in your digestive tract; the device will send a notification to your smartphone with a window of time you have before you need to sit on a porcelain throne.

The app also will record your bowel movements to learn your daily habits and give more accurate notifications.

According to one report, Triple W plans to launch campaigns on crowdfunding sites, such as Indiegogo, in May and hopes to be able to ship D Free to customers in the U.S. and Japan by December.

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