Stop fiddling with keys! Get a smart home automation door lock

We stayed in a cozy, canary yellow beach home in Emerald Isle last year with my side of the family and geeked out whenever we got to use its keyless, smart home automation door lock.

When heading out to the beach, just press your hand lightly on the door lock and listen to it’s sturdy, mechanical gears grind to a halting lock. Tap in the personalized code when you return.

We felt freed.

No keys. No phones. Just throw towels over our shoulders and grab a good book or two.

This is why, even though there’s plenty of flashy smart home automation door locks out there, we went for a more traditional, reliable and still smart, Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt.


If you want to free yourself from keys or a fob or take a break from your phone, then this lock is for you. All you need is to remember a code.

While operating with a code is problem-free, we have an issue with controlling from our Wink Hub app, which we suspect could be due to the distance between the lock to the hub. Once we test out a Z-Wave repeater, we’ll let you know if the problem is fixed.

Even though we prefer to be keys-free, the manual key override gives us peace of mind. As for installation, it was a cinch with less than 10 steps and voice-enabled programming.

Want to learn more? Read on for the technical details of this smart home automation door lock.


Wireless Features:

  • Remotely lock and unlock doors from any web-enabled device
  • Receive texts or emails from pre-programmed alerts
  • Program user access by date and time
  • Customize features such as privacy, language, and relock time
  • Confirm the status and remaining battery life of your locks remotely
  • Audit Capable; View transaction history in real-time

Lock Features:

  • Innovative, tamper-resistant keyless entry security deadbolt
  • Deadbolt motor; motorized bolt in and out
  • Sleek, capacitive illuminated touchscreen for night time access
  • Easy to use and install with Voice-Assisted Programming
  • Users — 25, add/delete individually
  • Enroll up to 100 users when lock is connected to a Z-Wave network
  • One year battery life; low battery warning

Door Conditions:
For use on all standard interior and exterior doors, compatible with left and right swinging doors.

Key Override:
Yale KW-1 5-pin brass cylinder supplied. Optional SC-1 5-pin brass cylinder available upon request. 2 keys provided

Prefer hands-free? You might want to hold out for the Yale NFC Deadbolt, slated for release in April 2015.

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