Review: Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

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Our sitting room didn’t have a light switch when we moved in. The room is sunny during the day, but we needed a remedy for sundown.

While there is a switch plate to control a future ceiling light, a quick fix was plugging in a floor lamp we already had into the
Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
smart power plug.


While it shares the same core functions as the original WeMo (remote device power control, programmability, IFTTT support), the WeMo Insight Switch additionally features:

  • A more compact design (about half the size of the original)
  • A larger power-on indicator (now green, instead of blue)
  • Energy consumption tracking of what you plug into it

Through the app, users get a quick-glance of real-time and average data for:

  • Usage time
  • Operating cost
  • Power draw

Additionally, users can customize by adjusting the energy billing rate and power draw threshold. Futher, the data can be exported to a CSV file.


For awhile, we were limited to controlling the light with only Apple devices or the manual switch as there was no Android 5.0 support until December 1, 2014. This was frustrating for the Android user of our household.

The plug sends a WeMo WiFi signal so there’s no additional hardware requirement to bridge the devices and network together. However, we had a hiccup initially connecting to the plug from the app as Belkin’s WiFi network didn’t show up at first, but it worked for us after another try.

On the bright side, the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch has always had a fast response time, turning the light on or off instantly.

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