Meet the sitting room: before

We suspect our house originally had an L-shaped porch. Previous owners enclosed the porch, converting it into three additional rooms: an office, a half bath, and a sitting room. Both the office and sitting room were a deep shade of red when we moved in.

sitting room

While we like the bold color, we plan to brighten up the sitting room by painting it white so we can treat it like a sunroom.

The room has no wall switch so a floor lamp is turned on manually. In the future, we’ll connect the floor lamp switch to a smart plug as a quick-fix but eventually we will install a ceiling lamp we’ll automate as well.

We also plan to remove the carpeting and replace with porcelain tiles with radiant floor heating which we’ll add to our home automation system as well.

And like every room of the house, we’ll want to add presence detect and a weather station.

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