Meet the master bedroom: before

When we discovered our now-home online, we had no idea what this room was. A family room perhaps?


Turned out to be the master bedroom which was big enough to fit nearly all of our apartment furniture – ha!

Someday we’ll wake up to ambient lighting, music from our record player sound system, and a comfortable room temperature.

In the colder months, we’ll enjoy the electric (someday gas) fireplace with an IR-remote we can connect to our system.

Now, our big L-shaped couch faces the fireplace with a Chromecast-connected TV above it.

There’s two ceiling fans, two mod orange night lights, and a ton of recessed lighting to connect. We also have master closet lights to power with presence sensors.

With a smart system (smart hangers?), it’d be cool to keep an inventory of our clothes to help plan outfits and identify clothes we ought to donate.


Outside the bedroom, we enjoy spectacular seasonal views from our cozy balcony, big enough for our bistro and bench swing.

Oddly, the room doesn’t have a picture window facing that same awesome view; instead, there’s tons of tall windows facing our neighbors, which would be awesome…for creeps.

One of our first home improvements will be to add in a picture window with smart blinds that will open up so we can spy on something worthy: the sunset.

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