Meet the grand staircase: before

The stairs won us over.

We had seen a ton of houses — both online and in-person — browsing thousands of houses in dozens of neighborhoods across the Greater Pittsburgh Area from the South Hills to the North Hills, from Mt. Washington to Highland Park.

But right when we walked in, this old house welcomed us with its grand staircase!


It’s an imperial staircase with symmetrical flights both rising up from the first floor, making it fun for our nieces and nephews to run up and down.

Our cat also enjoys playing on the stairs; his boldness makes my heart stop.


If you stand at its base and look up, you can see all the way to the third-floor landing.

In the staircase, there’s not much to automate.

We’re not big fans of the carpet or the railing with our more industrial tastes — think LED-lit stairs with steel cable railings. We’ll need presence sensors for the future LED-lit stairs, and there’s a 4-way switch to connect.

I’d love to open up the ceiling in the entryway to further expose the staircase but it seems like a challenge.

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