Meet the basement: before

“I would have to move,” said my cousin’s wife, who has a fear of basements but braved into ours as part of the house tour. She wasn’t the first to find our basement spooky. My mother-in-law also got the “heebie-jeebies.” Our basement wouldn’t have been so freaky if it weren’t for the great dig.


In daylight hours, the basement is actually quite welcoming with a lot of full windows and a walkout door. But that’s just the first tier of the basement.

The basement is multi-leveled with half a flight of steps walking down to what will be our future gym. From there, there’s another half a flight of steps leading down to the sub-basement, our future wine cellar.

Before we moved in, we had it tested for radon and the house had high levels so we had someone come out to set up a radon mitigation system. The contractor said he wouldn’t bother with a mitigation system since we needed a new concrete floor.

Concrete estimates weren’t cheap and the estimate to remove the original, cracked concrete was just as pricey.
That’s what encouraged the great dig (and a gym membership replacement).

The DIY sledge hammering eventually unveiled what we suspect are remains from a well. Nervous guests think it could be a burial ground.

We still have to cover back up the dirt and well. Once we do that, the fun projects will begin.

Projects we have planned include:

  • Home gym with jungle gym and ballet barre
  • Full bathroom
  • Lounge
  • Billiards room
  • Bar

With such an empty slate, the only automated features we have planned so far are automated lights and security features for the walkout door (camera, lock, and alarm sensor).

Will keep you posted as we go.

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