How our in home camera system complements our alarm system

While we were each out doing last-minute Christmas shopping, Dan got a call from Vivint, our home security system, because our kitchen door triggered the alarm. He called me up to decide what to do — should we have Vivint send the police?

Then, Dan had a Eureka! moment — we have the kitty cam in the kitchen!

The kitty cam is my old iPhone 5 set up with manything, focused on our cat’s food and water bowls. Lucky for us, it also faces the kitchen door, serving a dual role we hadn’t yet discovered — home security camera.

I opened up the manything app to view the captured videos. Here’s what I saw:

Sure enough, the kitchen door had opened. The intruder? The wind. The door must’ve been ajar.

We were glad the security system was triggered and relieved the home security camera captured what had opened it, saving the police a trip. Even though we had more peace of mind, Dan still hurried home to shut the door so our cat wouldn’t get out.

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