Great room: automated home lighting control system

As planned, we’ve automated the lighting in the great room. In addition to added control, smart lighting claims to save energy and money but we haven’t looked into it to prove it yet.


Since the first shipment of the GE switches for our basement was defective, we gave the Linear lighting control system a try:

  • WT00Z-1 Z-Wave 3-Way In-Wall Dimmer Switch
  • WD500Z-1 Z-Wave 500-watt Wall Mount Dimmer Switch

We were surprised to discover a Z-wave minimote was required for the switches to talk to each other.


Once we had all three devices, it took some time to wire the switches, since the previous owner was an amateur-at-best electrician, but no circuits were blown.

Pairing the lights to the Wink hub is simple as long as you remember to double-click the switch twice not once as the instructions incorrectly say.

The Wink app let’s you turn on/off or dim lights individually or group lights together into a system.


Our only complaint is that no power goes to the 3-way switch when the master 500-watt switch is off but we could remedy this with new wiring someday. It’s not a high priority because we only manually use the 3-way switch for turning the lights off, not on.

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