Best connected home products to start your smart house

Ready to connect your home but not sure where to begin?

We’ve got you covered with this list of the best connected home products this year so far.

smart house

Best smart thermostat

We went with the Nest because research proved it the best choice. We’ve been happy with our decision (gave it 5 stars in our smart home product lineup) and love the monthly stats reports.


Best smart lock

There isn’t a flawless smart lock yet. (We’ve had some connectivity trouble when looking up the status of our lock from our phones.)

August, Goji, and Yale are hopeful smart lock brands.


Best smart lights

The best smart lights are smart switches.

When it comes to bulbs, we still have to try out any ourselves, but would like to replace nightstand lamp bulbs with them. We’ve heard the Philips Hue is the best connected color-changing smart LED.


Best smart intercom

Communicate shout-free and phone-free with a smart intercom. Traditional intercoms aren’t sleek like a tablet, so why not use a tablet for a modern look?

We mounted an old tablet on the wall to serve as a global home control panel and act as an intercom.


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